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How to Choose a Program

There are many ways to see the world at E-town.

At Elizabethtown College, you can study abroad in locations on six continents through one of our affiliate partners. Other options include volunteering or interning abroad, and doing a service-learning program abroad.

How To Choose a Program

Take a look under the “Programs”  tab to find an interactive world map with all of our program locations - with so many educational opportunities around the globe, it can be difficult to narrow down all the programs to find the best fit for you. The Study Abroad Office is happy to meet with you to discuss your options and help you decide. Here are several aspects to consider when investigating a possible study abroad program:


The courses you take abroad will greatly affect where you can and cannot study. Try to choose a program that will enhance what you are already learning at Elizabethtown College. It’s important to consider your major.  A student looking for full immersion in a new language might choose a very different location than a student looking for a directed research project in a science or healthcare field.

Some Elizabethtown College students take only major courses while abroad, whereas other students take only core courses or a combination of core and major courses.  For this reason, it is important that you meet with your academic advisor early on to find out what types of courses you can save for studying abroad. This will help you take the right courses before your time abroad and ensure you graduate on time. Some majors also require students to study abroad during a certain semester.  Once you know what types of courses you should take, it is easier to zero in on a location.  The Study Abroad Office offers a variety of programs and locations that offer a range of courses for different majors. If you need a specific course while abroad (instead of just having free elective room), it’s important to pick a location that suits your academic needs.


Remember to keep an open mind and consider all locations as you begin your search. If you’ve taken Spanish all through high school, you might be immediately drawn to Spain or Mexico, but learning Spanish in a South American country like Peru could be stimulating in very different ways. You also want to consider where the traditional places to study abroad are and what could set you apart in a future job interview. More scholarships are also offered for less traditional locations than just Europe. Wherever you choose, it's always a good idea to speak to students who've studied in that country or area of the world before. Ask them about their favorite parts about the program, and any challenges they may have faced.  Other factors for location to consider include costs, such as how much a plane ticket or visa for that location would cost you.


A small number of programs are specifically for those who want to take courses completely in a foreign language, whereas most of our programs offer instruction in English as well. Courses available will vary according to the target language.

Type of Program

As you begin to narrow down your locations, you'll also need to think about what type of study abroad program you'd like to attend. Some programs are run by American colleges or professors and have their own abroad sites where you will attend class. Other programs allow you to directly enroll in a foreign college or university. Some foreign schools establish special classes solely for Americans, while others allow you to matriculate and study alongside local students.

Once you know the approved options, decide how much independence you need. Some programs arrange virtually everything for you, from group flight to medical services to credit transfers. At others, especially foreign schools in which you enroll directly, your time abroad will be less supervised and therefore grants you more independence while abroad. The different affiliate programs we offer also give students various degrees of cultural excursions and activities, so check to see what is the right fit for you.

Everyone is Different

Finally, remember that each student has different needs and expectations. Your roommates' dream semester in Barcelona might not fit with your academic and personal goals. Make sure to find the location–and the study abroad program–that matches your interests and personality.

Elizabethtown College Affiliate Programs

The Study Abroad Office recommends that you choose an affiliate program to make your study abroad experience as smooth as possible. Affiliate programs are pre-approved partner relationships that Elizabethtown College has established. Financial matters and course approval procedures are easier by going through an affiliate program. You can also rest assured in knowing that we have a continued relationship with our affiliates and believe that they offer you excellent study abroad programs.

Affiliated Programs:

  • BCA*
  • ISA*
  • CIS Abroad*
  • Queen’s University at Herstmonceux Castle
  • Nihon Univeristy
  • KCP International
  • Kansai Gaidai University
  • Northumbria University
  • School for Field Studies
  • SOL Education Abroad
  • IFE

*Please note that there are some BCA, ISA, and CIS Abroad locations that are not affiliated with Elizabethtown College. Please make sure to double-check with your advisor before applying.

Faculty-led Short-term Programs

You may find that an academic semester or year is not the right fit for you, so a short-term program might better meet your needs. Many Elizabethtown College faculty have international interests and connections. Each year, faculty from a variety of departments take groups of students overseas. Oftentimes students do not need to be majoring in the particular subject in order to participate. For more information on Faculty-led Short-term programs, please see the Short Term Programs tab under “Apply for Study Abroad”. 

Elizabethtown College Study Abroad Office