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Faculty Information


Short-term Faculty-Led Study Abroad
Information for Faculty & Staff


In order to have a short-term trip approved, faculty must present their curriculum to the Academic Council and present their study abroad plan to the Study Abroad Office. Please email studyabroad@etown.edu to receive a new trip proposal packet, which includes the Study Abroad guidelines, policies, and procedures, as well as the format for submitting a proposal. Faculty are also strongly encouraged to meet with the Study Abroad Director to discuss new trips.


All faculty must announce their intention to take students abroad one year before its occurrence. This includes trips that have taken place in past years. Once a trip has been approved or is announced for a repeat trip, the Study Abroad Office will provide the necessary forms and documents for faculty to review or send to students via email, which are listed directly below.


All students wishing to participate on a faculty-led trip must complete the following documents:


  1. Short-term Faculty-led Study Abroad Application Form

  2. Study Abroad Waiver for Faculty-led Programs

    1. This waiver includes the student signing that they have received, read, and understood the Study Abroad Policies for students. This document will be included in materials given to faculty.

  3. Medical Release Information

  4. International SOS Purchase Agreement

    1. Please note that this card is valid for only one trip. Students who have purchased a card for a previous study abroad trip must purchase a new one for the next trip. The price is $50 per trip. The SOS card is like purchasing term life insurance: it is for a specific term or period of time. It is not like purchasing whole-life insurance without an expiration date.

  5. Optional Request for Disability Support Services (for Lynn Davies)


These forms are due back from the faculty one month before the trip is to take place, along with the faculty-led spreadsheet, which includes a roster of all trip participants. The Study Abroad Office will then process all the forms and provide students with International SOS cards.


Faculty members must also provide an updated itinerary to the Study Abroad Office which includes contact information overseas, hotels, and other items listed in the Short-term Faculty-Led Handbook. This handbook is given to all faculty or staff leading a study abroad trip and is also available on request to any interested parties.

            *Please note that faculty-led trips are considered eligible under the Clery Act, and therefore it is imperative that the information provided about the trip follow the same guidelines as if on campus. For more questions regarding the Clery Act, please contact Marianne Calenda or Campus Security.



Special note on health insurance


The College had an agreement with iNext for a discounted international health insurance rate. If students participating on a faculty-led study abroad trip do not have adequate coverage overseas or are interested in purchasing additional coverage, this can be done at a rate of $1.65 per day. Students should email the Study Abroad Office (studyabroad@etown.edu) to be enrolled.

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