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Study Abroad Costs and Payment

Tuition and Room & Board

All Elizabethtown College students participating in an affiliated off-campus program in the fall or spring semester pay the same tuition fee as a full-time semester at Elizabethtown, with the exception of the American University Washington Semester Program and The School for Field Studies (students will pay the provider cost for these two study abroad providers).  

Through this cost structure we are able to offer an extremely wide range of opportunities all over the globe.  As an Elizabethtown student participating in an Affiliated Program, any financial aid you receive (with the exception of work study) will transfer to your off campus program. However, you still need to complete the necessary Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other required documents.

Students studying abroad also pay a fee to maintain their active student status at Elizabethtown College.  This fee ensures that students maintain their merit scholarship upon returning to campus, and it also permits students to contact Elizabethtown College faculty/staff while abroad to discuss a number of issues, including advising questions.  The fee for affiliated programs is $500, and the fee for non-affiliated programs is $1,000.

If you have questions about financing your study abroad experience, please contact the Study Abroad Office and the Financial Aid Office.  

Room and board costs are billed separately by the provider or host university. In many cases, this can be less expensive than room and board at Elizabethtown College. The price will depend on the type of room and board available at your overseas university. Often, students live with host families or in apartments. If in apartments, students typically cook on their own and do not have a charge for board. In other programs, students may receive stipends for food. Please note that there are generally no meal plans overseas.


For specific information on how Elizabethtown College bills you for the specific program you choose, pick up a billing information sheet in the Study Abroad Office, located in BSC 247.

Other costs 

Costs that are not included and may vary depending on location and program:


-Visa, if applicable

-Immunizations, if applicable

-International healthcare, if applicable

-Application fee, if applicable (some of our programs offer an application fee waiver – check with the Study Abroad Office when applying)

-Extra spending and travel money

Elizabethtown College Study Abroad Office